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This home was built to capture the views of the mountains and the citrus orchards. Pine beams, plaster walls and colored concrete floors were used to give the home an indoor outdoor atmosphere. Bedroom and bathrooms composed of antiques, such as iron beds, claw foot bath fixtures and old California furniture. 1920’s antique lighting sconces and lanterns replicas create an old barn affect. Natural textiles, Navajo rugs, California Pottery throughout the home.


Ultra formal gardens are separated by fountains and museum quality sculptures. Outdoor living spaces are created to give intimacy. Large native California tress are situated to afford the utmost in privacy.


From a central grove of towering native oaks, stone paths meander through areas of wildflowers, rosemary, drought tolerant succulents, orchards and a newly planted dwarf pine forest with WPA era-inspired stone accents.

About Carla

Carla Melson has over forty years of experience in landscape installation, design, contracting, maintenance, and organic gardening. Her combined expertise in indoor and outdoor living spaces create a seamless flow in design. Carla provides an innovative, yet practical approach to the creation of architecturally integrated gardens. Her unique talents bring nature an art together in compelling design.

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07  /  20  /  2020

Carla Melson (and Blue Heron Landscape Design )transformed 100% of my typical 1940's  "no-personality" lot and home exterior, into a memorable space that I describe as a 'zen' sanctuary. It is the perfect place for contemplation, relaxation, as well as entertaining. The formal front garden epitomizes Ojai with a native oak and citrus trees and grasses. I have enjoyed the results of this transformation since 2008.
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